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Employee Benefits & Group Plan Options




Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Group & Voluntary Life / AD&D
Group Life Insurance/ AD&D is an important benefit.  The coverage costs are usually much less than if the employee purchased an individual policy, and the employees appreciate the value of a Life insurance policy and the additional security it provides to their family. These plans can  be offered as Employer Paid or on a Voluntary basis.Guarantee Issue is available. Dependent Life is available on these plans

This can be written down to 2 lives, and we offer a number of companies that can quote competitive options.  These plans utilize networks of providers, but all vision plans can and do offer out of network benefits. Providing or offering Vision insurance promotes regular eye exams and helps with the high costs associated with optical health care.

Group & Voluntary Dental and Vision
Group Dental Insurance is one of the benefits most requested by employees. Many employers provide dental insurance for their employees, but many employers are offering this as a voluntary benefit that is paid 100% by the employee through payroll deductions. We offer so many varieties of plan designs from traditional, to dual choice and even self funded options.

Vision insurance can also be offered on an Employer paid or Voluntary basis.

Group & Voluntary Long term Disability (LTD) and Short term Disability (StD)
“Paycheck” insurance is something that all employees need.    It protects the one thing that most people need the most when they cannot work, their Income.   We can help find a plan, whether it be Short or Long Term Disability that can help make this option affordable to the Employer AND the Employee.

Short Term Disability pays a percentage of a paycheck  (typically 60%), should an employee become disabled due to accident or illness, and benefits are typically payable weekly for 12-26 weeks, depending on the plan design selected.      If Long Term Disability is also offered, then the length of the Short Term Disability benefit period will align with the elimination period of the LTD plan.  Long-term disability insurance usually lasts for the length of the disability or until retirement.

Voluntary Accident Coverage and Cancer Plans
Accident insurance helps provide a layer of protection for employees and their dependents that major medical plans might not cover (helps narrow gaps caused by out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, co-payments, and non-covered medical services). These are Guarantee Issue, and plans can be designed to complement an overall benefit package. Benefits are paid directly to the Employee.
Voluntary Products for Groups, Unions, Associations, etc.
  • Voluntary Products for Groups, Unions, Associations, etc.


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Group & Voluntary Life / AD&D
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