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The policy will pay a daily benefit for each day you receive a specific service: (lifetime Maximum Benefit Period is 360 days). To qualify for benefits, a Licensed Health Care Practitioner must certify you as having a Cognitive Impairment or the inability to
perform at least two (2) of six (6) Activities of Daily Living without substantial assistance (bathing, continence, dressing, eating, toileting and transferring).*

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Home Health care

Like most Americans, we hope to never have to go to a nursing home to recover or recuperate.  Unfortunately, that is routinely not the case. With the short term home health care policy we offer, even if you have other insurance, benefits will be paid to you directly. These benefits can assist you in paying deductibles or co-payments.  With our plan, a prior hospitalization is not required.  Additional health care benefits coverage for hospital stays and accidents can be purchased. 

Benefits are paid directly to you, regardless of any other insurance you.   

GTL’s Short-Term Home Health Care Insurance from Guarantee Trust Life Insurance 

  • $150$300 or $450 maximum daily benefit options!
  • Great cross-selling opportunity and complements our other great products!
  • Available on paper, portal and the GTL e-App!
  • Prescription benefit year maximum of $300 or $600!
  • $40$80 or $120 per-day Home Health Care Aide benefits! 
  • Policyholder Access to Ask Mayo Clinic online symptom assessment tool!

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