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Voluntary Accident Plans

Voluntary Accident Covereage

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In today’s world of high deductible and out of pocket limits, these plans can be invaluable. We prefer plans that feature actual reimbursement of costs incurred rather than schedules. These plans are somewhat rare, but still very affordable.

  • Our accident plan reimburses “actual expenses” up to $4,000 from the very first dollar.
  • The plan will reimburse the actual cost of an ambulance up to $10,000.
  • Pays additional $300 daily hospital benefit for 30 days.
  • $100,000 accidental death benefit
  • Pays in full, 24 hours a day in addition to any other coverage.
  • Days for in & out of hospital expenses
  • Where can you get so many benefits for a dollar a day?
  • Employer can pay all or part of the premium or offer it to employees on a voluntary basis. 

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