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Individual Health Insurance Plans

A non-ACA Alternative

Becoming more popular every day, these ACA (Affordable Care Act) Alternative Plans feature basic coverage everyone wants at a truly an affordable price.

How does less than $700 a month for a family under 65 sound?  We offer:

  • Major Medical (ACA plans)
  • Short Term Medical
  • Obamacare alternatives
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance

And, too many in and out of hospital benefits to list here.  That is why they are an excellent “value proposition” for relatively healthy people.

***If you are wondering what the “catch” is, these plans are
subject to individual underwiting and do not cover all the requirements of the ACA.

Why pay for all the requirements of an expensive high risk pool (ACA Plan) when you don’t need it?


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Have you looked at the new Texas Freedom Health Plan?


  • Non-ACA. No Waiting. You can enroll now!
  • Offering does not interfere with any current group plan your company may have.
  • Premiums are less than ACA Plans and feature a $400 vanishing deductible.
  • No employer contribution required.
  • Permanent health insurance and guaranteed renewable for life.
  • Large PPO Network with no penalty for going out of network.
  • Perfect for dependents who may not be able to afford group coverage.

 *We also offer supplemental individual coverage for you and your family if needed.

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