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Group & Voluntary Long TERM dIABILITY (ltd) AND sHORT tERM dISABILITY (std)

Group & Voluntary Disability 

Long Term Disability (LTD) and Short Term Disability (STD)

“Paycheck” insurance is something that all employees need. It protects the one thing that most people need the most when they cannot work, their Income. We can help find a plan, whether it be Short or Long Term Disability that can help make this option affordable to the Employer AND the Employee.

Short Term Disability pays a percentage of a paycheck  (typically 60%), should an employee become disabled due to accident or illness, and benefits are typically payable weekly for 12-26 weeks, depending on the plan design selected. If Long Term Disability is also offered, then the length of the Short Term Disability benefit period will align with the elimination period of the LTD plan.  Long-term disability insurance usually lasts for the length of the disability or until retirement.


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